Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't Mess With Texas

During Purdue's October break I took an awesome four-day trip down to Houston Texas to visit and relax. I have an awful habit of either not remembering my camera, or simply forgetting to take pictures. I'd like to think that my lack of photography motivation is because I'm enjoying the moment too much, but its probably just forgetfulness. Either way, these are the photos I did manage to take during my trip, and although there are some gaps, they relay the story of my Houston adventure pretty well. Side note: There are a couple of delicious looking food snapshots, so if you're hungry I advise against looking.

On the first full day, we went to breakfast at this small waffle cafe that I can't even remember the name of because the waffles were so incredibly mind blowing. The rest of the day, not photographed as per usual, consisted of kayaking and some Texas two step at a country bar.

The second day began with a hearty, meat-filled, late breakfast at a BBQ joint/gas station, followed by exploration of downtown Houston and it's parks. We ended up getting lost in a very nice part of one of Houston's suburbs and found an old movie theater that played independent films. After our movie, we were greeted by a crazy beautiful sunset while walking down the street to grab a bite at a Japanese restaurant.  

Gavelston was our next, and possibly best, stop. Seafood, fortune-telling robots, and tourist shops galore! We played around Galveston for a couple hours, then took a ferry over to Bolivar Peninsula. At first it looked as though the most interesting part of Bolivar was going to be the ferry ride over, but then we found the beach...

My final day in Texas consisted solely of touring Johnson Space Center Houston. As the government is shut down, a lot of the official buildings were closed, but we went into the museum, touched some moon rocks, and took a tram tour that finished with the Saturn V. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I should have listened to your food picture warning! It all looks so delish!

  2. Great pics! I especially love that first one of the sky. Stunning!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  3. It looks beautiful! I've never been there, but I would like to visit. The food looks delicious.


  4. The food does look delicious. If I win the lottery, that is what I want, a cook! (And a housekeeper).